Projector Design is the design studio that Carl Gambrell launched in 2005 after years as the art director at New York Road Runners. Carl specializes in design, branding, and illustration. He enjoys working with many types of organizations, from small businesses to large corporations, and is comfortable working independently or as part of a team (though it's safe to say he's a people person). He is proud of his diverse portfolio, which includes event design, brand identity, posters, catalogs, book covers, invitations, Web sites, and much more.

Carl is looking for a full-time staff position, especially one that allows him to work in a more interactive environment and flex his digital muscles. Get in touch!

Born and raised in the Finger Lakes region of upstate New York, Carl is obsessed with music, children's books, brewing beer, and many other things. He lives in Brooklyn with his wife, Catherine, their baby boy, Simon, and a cat, Louie.

If you need a graphic designer
or art director, give me a shout!